Tri-axial overbraiding of structural beams

Old Method:

• Manual wrapping of cores with  glass fabrics.

   Result: Labor intensive and bulky results.


New Method  with Overbraiding
• Automated Tri-axial braiding (Bias + UD fibers)
•Sides have Bias/UD ratio 59/41 ,top  and bottom have 22/78
Result: Tight, repeatable preforms, ready for injection

Large variety of market segments





Strategic Partnership

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Highland Industries, Inc. has signed an agreement with Eurocarbon B.V. for the exclusive manufacture and sale of braided and woven products utilizing Eurocarbon’s proprietary braiding technology in North and South America.


Below you can see some random samples of our Standard Program.

Note: The images are scaled 1:1 (cm) for a realistic impression. Hover over the images for a colored preview or download our Folder